Courses Taught at Scripps:
SIOC 293: Ocean-Atmosphere Processes & Climate Variability

A graduate course on the ocean and atmospheric processes governing climate variability and anthropogenic climate change

Course themes:
1.The general structure and circulation of the ocean and atmosphere
2. Mechanisms governing El Niño Southern Oscillation and modes of variability at high latitudes
3. Ocean and atmospheric processes and feedbacks modulating the climate impacts of anthropogenic greenhouse gases

Course Goals:
1) gain a deeper process understanding of how the coupled ocean-atmosphere-climate system works
2) develop multidisciplinary thinking and approaches to understand climate phenomena
3) learn to communicate clearly and effectively on climate-related topics in written and spoken forms

SIO25: Climate Change & Society.

An introductory undergraduate course on the scientific and societal dimensions of climate change

Course themes:
1. Is climate changing? Why is it changing? How is it changing? What is the role of humans vs. nature?
2. How are ocean, terrestrial, and human systems impacted by these changes? How (un)certain are we?
3. What are technological and economic options and political challenges to solving this problem? Can we adapt?

Course Goals:
1. Understand and evaluate the scientific evidence behind climate change and its uncertainties.
2. Develop interdisciplinary thinking to address complex environmental problems.
3. Communicate clearly and accurately on scientific and policy topics to a wide audience.

Students sample free tropospheric air for CO2 monitoring for the Keeling Curve during a field trip class at the end of the Scripps Pier.


Below are textbooks, tools, and websites I found highly useful in teaching:

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